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At Bucon Furniture LTD there are several steps in the furniture production process flow.We carry out this process flow to get maximal quality and finally achieve customer satisfaction. The process flows become important to manufacture durable and quality office furniture.

These processes involve cutting, bending, molding, laminating and assembly of materials etc.

At Bucon, we start our furniture production process by having our customers provide their designs. Our factory staffs are adequately trained, experienced and competent to produce high quality products in the market. They are always equipped with adequate information to advise our clients on proportions and decorative details.

Due to the rapid development on retail trade, our workshop uses several advanced wood working and metal machines which are pneumatic powered; this makes it easy for us to quickly handle massive production which is in-expensive and reliable.

Bucon Furniture Workshop is able to handle large production units since we have enough state of the art machinery.

We are pleased to be a leading company with a rich profile in the provision of Office Furniture, Equipment and fittings. We are a dynamic company with a vision to provide excellent services and bring in new feels in your office. Our clientele base includes Government ministries and Departments, Corporate Companies, NGOS, Value Added Resellers (Dealers and appointed Distributors), Hospitality Firms, Learning Institutions and Parastatal.

Bucon furniture Ltd Workshop

Hema house, old enterprise road

Telephone: 0103 350 054/0728547224/0726 833 463/0716 463223/0103540748

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